Top 5 Ways to Ruin a Deck

Top 5 Ways to Ruin a Deck

According to research conducted by Consumer Reports®, most deck problems can be attributed to 5 things.

  1. Never Cleaned/Pressure Washed.  Whether sealed or unsealed, all decks should be at least cleaned regularly to keep mold from taking hold deep into the wood fibers.
  2. Never Stained/Sealed.  An unsealed deck has nothing to protect it from UV damage and the wet/dry cycling (which causes swelling and shrinking) that will lead to cracking.
  3. Ignoring Splinters and Popped Nails.  Don’t let these become a safety hazard.
  4. Ignoring Mold and Mildew.  As already stated, mold and mildew are bad for wood and can make your deck very slippery. (See #1)
  5. Ignoring Structural Problems.  Rotten boards are a symptom of an already neglected deck.

Real Estate experts tell us that a nice deck can really add value to a home. Likewise, a dirty, moldy deck can rob your home of value. Stop the weather’s assault on your property. Call Heritage Restoration to get started today.

Source: Consumer Reports® Magazine June 2010.

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