Pressure Washing Jacksonville NC

Pressure Washing Jacksonville NC

Heritage Restoration

Safe – Low Pressure Technique

What is Soft Washing?When someone needs their home or deck cleaned they will (rightly) look for a company that offers Pressure Washing Services. However, pressure is usually not what is really needed.Our pressure washing machines are capable very high pressures but washing a house does not require it. Too much pressure can cause damage to surfaces.Heritage Restoration uses a technique called “soft washing”. Soft washing is using the right cleaning agents to bond with the dirt and grime and then gently rinsing it away without the use of high pressure.

Be careful who you choose to power wash your home. Most of the pressure washing companies around Jacksonville, NC do not use soft washing techniques. Why risk it? Call Heritage Restoration for pressure washing in Jacksonville NC.


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Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville, North Carolina area.

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