My siding has it too.

12 Holiday Safety Reminders

1. Never use lighted candles near tree or boughs. 2. Keep poisonous plants out of reach of children and pets. 3. Keep trees away from fireplaces and other heat sources. 4. Make sure your tree has a stable platform.  5. Choose an artificial tree that is labeled fire resistant.  6. If using a natural tree,…

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Possum Alert!

Totally saw the biggest Possum come out from this deck I just pressure washed.  (is it Possum or Opossum?…dunno) I was completely shocked!  I just stood there staring at it with my mouth open and then it dawned on me…TAKE A PICTURE DUMMY!   Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing…

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How long ago does 2009 seem?

Remember that plane that had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River?  That was 2009. Remember that cargo ship that got attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia?   That was 2009. Both incidents got made into films starring Tom Hanks,  hmmm.  I’m more of a Saving Private Ryan/Forrest Gump kinda guy…but…

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Vinyl Privacy Fence and Rail Fence Cleaning

If you need to get the mold off of your vinyl privacy or rail fence, please contact us today!  Request a FREE estimate here: Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area. 

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Excellent work, would recommend highly

“Excellent work, would recommend highly. The technicians were on time, friendly and listened to my concerns. They were thorough and did a wonderful job cleaning the prescribed areas. They checked in with me to make sure I was happy with the progress and were finished in no time. I was amazed at how well they…

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What happened to this house? 

This is what we saw when we arrived to wash this man’s house?  So what happened here?  Did the previous pressure washing company use too much pressure?  That was my first thought, but then I looked around and every single house in the entire neighborhood was doing the same thing.  We have seen plenty of…

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Low Pressure Washing is Better

Using high pressure while house washing is a thing of the past (well, for most of us anyway). More pressure washing disasters here. Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area. 

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