Have mulch in your flower beds? You might have the wrong kind.

Have mulch in your flower beds? You might have the wrong kind.

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Can you tell the difference between these two?

Well, they are both mulch, but one is natural and one is artificial.  One is made out of ground-up wood and the other is made out of ground-up rubber.

If you haven’t given much thought to using artificial mulch, we encourage you to give it a hard look this year.

Here are a few reasons to consider artificial mulch.

  • It looks like real mulch.  Maybe even a little better.
  • It does not degrade as fast as wood mulch.  It lasts longer.
  • It is heavier, so it stays put better.  It doesn’t float away during heavy rain.
  • It is not attractive to termites.  Enough said.
  • It will not lead to the growth of artillery fungus.  Read more about that HERE.

We have pressure washed many homes in the Jacksonville area and have seen the mess that wood mulch can make.  That’s why when one of our customers had such great looking beds full of artificial mulch, we had to spread the word.


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