Give Your Patio Some Shade

Give Your Patio Some Shade

Onslow County is growing, or at least it seems to be.  New subdivisions seem to pop up weekly and within a couple of months what used to be a field full of soybeans is now a whole neighborhood with hundreds of houses.

One problem with these treeless neighborhoods is that there’s no shade. What should be a pleasant summer afternoon on your back patio can feel more like cruel and unusual punishment.

Having pressure washed hundreds houses in the Jacksonville North Carolina area, we have noticed that a lot of patios go unused for that very reason.

Here’s a few simple ideas to cool that patio off so that you can really enjoy it:


Get an umbrella. This kind is great because it has an adjustment feature.


Consider planting a fruit tree (or two). Bradford Pear trees actually grow very fast, so you can have significant benefit in no time. The blooms are beautiful too.


Some trees can be kept in large pots and moved around as needed to provide shade during different times of the day. They can be heavy so save your back by using a rolling pot stand.


Lowe’s makes it easy to find the right tree. Just look for the Patio Collection tag. These are fast growing and can tolerate full sun.



Put up a vertical trellis. With some fast growing vines, these are great for late afternoon shade, as well as privacy.


Look into the new shade sails. It doesn’t get easier than this!

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