Do you Know What a Loss Leader is?

Do you Know What a Loss Leader is?

Ok, let me give you the perfect example of a loss leader. When Walgreens advertises that they’re selling movie candy 4 for a dollar, that is what is called a loss leader. The idea is simple, they’re going to sell you those items cheap (even at a loss) as a way to get you in the store. They hope that while you’re in there, you will make another, more impulsive, purchase of a high profit item or two.

Boom. They got you, and you didn’t even see it coming.

Sneaky? Yeah, a little. But hey, they didn’t MAKE you buy anything. It is what it is.

Now here is where some companies cross the line. They advertise the low price, and then there’s never really anyway anyone can actually get that low price. Example: they advertise the candy 4 for a dollar, but as it turns out, they never really had any of that candy there to begin with, so nobody got the deal. Or, they advertise a sale price and then, when you ring it up, it rings up at regular price. Not cool.

It’s sad that consumers have to deal with this kind of junk.

Not everybody is shady, though. If you need house washing, pressure washing, deck washing, gutter cleaning, please consider Heritage Restoration. We have upfront pricing, no surprises, and if we advertise a deal, it’s for real.

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area.

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