Common Deck Staining Questions

Common Deck Staining Questions

Question: My deck is made of pressure treated lumber. Do I still need to seal it?
Answer: Yes you do. The pressure treating process protects against insect attack and rotting but not much else.

Question: I heard that pressure treated lumber should not be sealed for a year, is that right?
Answer: We do not recommend waiting a year. If not protected, the lumber can start to crack and warp soon after installation.

Question: I know I should clean my deck before sealing it. Should I use bleach?
Answer: Be careful with bleach. If not used properly it can breakdown and damage wood.

Question: Are all stains about the same thing?
Answer: No. Products vary a great deal. Some are very difficult to maintain from year to year.

Question: I heard that Thompson’s Water Seal is good. Is that true?
Answer: Well, Thompson’s has some great advertising and we all know that it will make water “bead” on the surface. However, there are much better choices available.

Question: How do I make the right decision about what to do with my deck?
Answer: Contact a professional who specializes in wood care. No offense, but the person at the “big box store” may not have the best advice for you. Don’t make a mistake by putting on the wrong product or using the wrong technique. It is always less expensive to do it right the first time than to have to undo a mistake and try again.

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