Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes

There’s an old saying, “two things are certain, death and taxes”.  If forced to pick between one and the other some people would have a difficult decision to make.

The tax code in the United States is so complicated nobody understands it. Even the people at the IRS don’t understand it. It’s so bad in fact that companies have actually created software to help folks prepare their taxes at home.

Even though I know there’s self-help systems out there to guide me, I still take my taxes to a professional. I do this for two simple reasons.
1. I don’t like doing taxes.
2. I’m scared I’m going to mess something up.

Now let me relate this to pressure washing.


You need to wash your house. You could take advantage of a self-help machine like the little pressure washers they sell at Lowe’s and do it yourself.  But you should trust this to a professional for two simple reasons.
1. You’re not going to like doing it.
2. You might mess something up.

Let Heritage Restoration wash your house, driveway, deck, or gutters for you and save you the trouble.  We promise to be much better to deal with than the IRS. ☺

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area.

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