How much will it cost to pressure wash my house?

How much will it cost to pressure wash my house?

When customers call, the first thing they want to know is, “How much do you charge to pressure wash a house?”  That’s when I start asking them questions to determine what their needs are, how big their house is, and the scope of the work necessary to get it clean.

I want our customers to understand that we’re the best company for their needs because we have a better cleaning process, we have an  “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, we have lots of reviews, and we have dozens of before and after pictures to showcase our work.  Because after all, not all pressure washing companies are the same and therefore their prices are probably not going to be the same either.

You can think of it like this – how much does a hamburger cost?  At Burger King it costs $0.89.  At Red Robin it costs $5.  I think most people would agree that Red Robin has the better burger.  I wish my customers’ first question was not, “How much do you charge?” but, “Are you the best?”.

Price in itself is usually not the most important thing to people looking for a service provider.

Most people want this:

  • Hassle free experience.
  • Job done right.
  • Fair price.

Heritage Restoration delivers just that.

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville North Carolina area.

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