Keep your Gutters Flowing and Save Money in the Long Run

Keep your Gutters Flowing and Save Money in the Long Run

Gutter Cleaning

Good News:  The leaves have finally stopped falling.

Bad News:  They are in your gutters, rendering them useless.

Every home should have gutters.  They keep your foundation and siding drier and cleaner. Water gets re-directed away from the home, keeping things drier.  Water is also prevented from running off the roof line, pounding the ground, and splashing mud all over the place, keeping things cleaner.

Gutters that are full of leaves and pine straw do not work as designed.  The water cannot drain out of them fast enough to keep up with the rainfall.  They simply overflow.


It’s like not having gutters at all.  Actually, it’s worse, because water will get trapped behind the gutters and keep the fascia boards wet – that’s how wood rots.  In some cases, the plywood under the shingles near the roof edge can rot as well.  We see it often.

We have even seen gutters so heavy from the water soaked debris inside, that they have pulled loose from the house and are in danger of falling down.

The leaves have stopped falling, now is the time to get those gutters cleaned-out so that water can be directed away from your home.

Do you want to spend thousands getting things repaired before you can sell?  Or would you rather keep that equity you worked hard for and roll it into your next home?

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville North Carolina area.


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