Avoid a Mistake One of our Customers Made

Avoid a Mistake One of our Customers Made

We got a call from a guy who needed to get his house washed the other day.  But strangely, he only wanted one side washed.  I asked him, why only one side?  He said he already did the other sides but he had rented a pressure washer and had to take it back before the end of the day.

I can totally understand why someone would want to save some money and do things themselves.   But in a situation like this, even if everything goes smoothly, how much money do you really save?

  • He had to drive somewhere to pick up the machine. (Time and gas)
  • He had to pay the rental fee. (after he signed the rental agreement with 3 pages of fine print) ($80+)
  • He had to buy his own detergent. ($20)
  • He had to buy his own fuel. ($6)
  • He had to do the actual pressure washing itself!! (Time time time)
  • He had to take it back. (Time and gas)

All. In. One. Day.

This isn’t the first time we’ve received a call like this.  After all that effort and expense, they still have to call a professional to either finish the job, or to make it right.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have to either rush through the job, or not finish at all, just so you can get the machine back on time.

And what about this: Do you know what type of cleaners to use? Do you know how much pressure to use? Do you really want to experiment on your own house?

Call us – we promise to get your stuff clean without all that hassle.

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area.

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