The Secret to Getting the Most Bang for your Pressure Washing Buck

The Secret to Getting the Most Bang for your Pressure Washing Buck

It seems like every day I see a sign for a new business pop up.  You know,  those little yard signs like political candidates use.  I see them nailed to telephone poles and trees, even tied to stop signs (classy).  Is it just me or are those things everywhere?  Maybe I am just more in tune to such things, who knows.

Anyway,  I have noticed something else too.  They all seem to add a phrase at the end of their list of services. “And Pressure Washing”.  Joe Blow’s Painting and Pressure Washing.   Jim Bob’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing.   ABC Carpet Cleaning and (you guessed it) Pressure Washing.  Sheesh.

Heritage Restoration *specializes* in pressure washing. It’s not an after thought. That benefits you, the customer, because:

  • You know that we do way more pressure washing than the “and Pressure Washing” guys.
  • You know we have the proper equipment to do this type of work.
  • You can trust our reviews to be relevant to pressure washing.
  • Our liability insurance covers pressure washing!

When you need power washing, you do not need a painter, a handyman, or a landscaper.  You need someone with the experience, equipment, and know how to get your exterior cleaning job done right the first time.  That sounds good enough to put on a sign!

So, what’s the secret?  Simple.  Choose a professional who specializes in Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning.

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville North Carolina area.

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