House on the market? 7 Things to help it sell

House on the market? 7 Things to help it sell

There are tons of houses for sale in the Jacksonville area now.  Too many.  Why are there so many? Because they are not selling quickly enough (and thus being removed from the market).

Nobody wants a for-sale sign in their yard for two years while they make one house payment after another.

Here are some ideas that might save you a house payment or two and help you get what your home is worth:

  • Price it right (from the get-go). Some sellers price high to start out, thinking they can just drop the price if they don’t sell right away.  Here’s the problem with that tactic: Once people look at a house and mentally reject it (for price or whatever reason), they will remember and immediately reject your house again the next time they see it, even if you have since lowered the price. Basically, once the current group of buyers have passed on your house, you will have to wait it out and hope the next group won’t.  Remember, you are competing with many other homes that may have the same features as yours for less money.
  • Remove some stuff. Anybody who’s seen any of the cable home improvement shows knows this one. Half empty closets, less furniture, and clean garages all make your house look bigger.
  • Add a lamp. Simple. Light makes people feel happy.
  • Make it look (and smell) like you don’t have pets. Your dog’s food on the floor and hair on the couch doesn’t bother you because you love him. That potential buyer?… not so much.
  • Kitchen is king. If you are going to upgrade anything, it should be in the kitchen. (Although I wouldn’t do much in the way of remodeling at all.)  Clean off the counters, take the magnets off the fridge, and make room in the cabinets.
  • Be ready to show at the drop of a hat. If someone wants to see your house, you need to make it available. They probably took a day off to see some houses. If you can’t show yours, they will just move on to the next one.
  • You’ve heard of curb appeal? Forget it. It’s exterior appeal. Your property needs to look good, not just from the curb, but from the front, back, and sides. That means it needs to be clean – siding, porches, windows, deck, even the mailbox and the welcome mat.  With all of the stuff you have to do – let us help with this part.

Heritage Restoration is an exterior cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to the Jacksonville NC area.

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