7 Doable Things to Add Curb Appeal to your Home.

7 Doable Things to Add Curb Appeal to your Home.

1. Clear the path to the front door. Make sure your bushes are trimmed, hoses stored, etc. You don’t want to make an obstacle course for you guests, do you? Not very inviting. Flowers, plants, bushes, and trees all do a great job of transitioning the eyes from yard to home, but don’t let them take over. Cost – Free.

2. Add some lighting for the pathway leading up to your front door. Super easy solar options are available now. You don’t even have to run any wires. Think carefully about the placement of these lights. You do not want them on your grass, as that would be difficult to mow around. Consider putting them in your mulched beds or something like that. Cost – $50.

3. Buy a quart of paint and treat your eye balls and those of your neighbors with a pretty, bright, glossy front door. People like that. Cost – $15.

4. And since we’re talking about doors, if your front door that doesn’t have any decorative value to it, consider replacing it. There are lots of different options available with attractive glass and decorative designs. This is an easy change-out most of the time and it can really help your house stand out from everybody else in the neighborhood. If you’re worried about privacy, no problem. This is easily fixed with DIY film you can put over the glass (on the inside). You get the light and the curb appeal, and still retain your privacy. Cost – $300.

5. Even if you don’t replace your door, you can still dress it up with some fancy hardware. You can practically do as much or as little as you want here. And if you going to change to new hardware, you might as well consider getting one of the new deadbolts that has the combination lock built right into it. No more fumbling for your keys when you’re trying to get into your house with your hands full. Secured Lock Company, right here in Jacksonville, is the place to go for any lock or security needs. They have a shop on Henderson Drive. Cost – $100

6. What do your house numbers look like from the road? Are they even visable? Are they just the cheap ones that the contractor threw up because they had to put something there? Why not put something up that reflects your personality, or something that matches your new door hardware? Your UPS guy will thank you! Cost – $25.

7. And…. don’t forget that welcome mat. Get one that is sized proportionately to your front door. It looks kind of weird to have a big front door and a little teeny welcome mat. We power wash mats a lot during house washes and you would not believe the amount of dirt that comes out of these things. They really do help keep your house clean, so invest in a good one. Cost – $25.

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