4 Reasons to add a storm door

4 Reasons to add a storm door


1. Security. It’s harder to break through two doors than one. Some storm doors have decent locks on them. Ask a locksmith for advise on this if you are not sure. We recommend Secured Lock in Jacksonville.

2. Efficiency. New storm doors have improved energy ratings and can significantly reduce drafts.

3. Convenience. It’s a door and a giant window, all rolled into one. Open your main door and you can still keep an eye out for the UPS truck without letting in cold air or mosquitoes.

4. Attractiveness. These new doors don’t look too bad either. If you have a basic front door (most non-custom homes do), you can improve the looks of your home by simply installing a fancier storm door.

So, think of a storm door like a mullet. All business in the front, all party in the back. ☺

Hope this helps. Let us know if we can help you with pressure washing services, we’d be happy to!

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